DJ Ides – In Da House

Another house mix I did last year. This one starts off more in the tech house direction, with deep rolling beats, and bleepy sounds. After blast off, the mix meanders through a bit of deep house and takes a dip in a pool of Latin flavor with DJ Sneak’s “Did It At The Disco.” Next, it’s back to tech house with an excellent track by Julien Chaptal (bought direct in Amsterdam) and into the progressive-tinged sounds of Quivver and Eva B, leading into the massive breakdown of Eric Prydz’ remix of Paolo Mojo’s “1983.” From here, the mix extends into filthy, chaotic electro and breaks with DJ Mujava’s “Township Funk” (direct from the townships of Pretoria, South Africa) and Andy Page’s wicked “Oblivia Newton Bomb”. The finale comes in the form of the absolutely scorching Alavi remix of Benajmin Theves “Texas”, and a bangin “End Hit” courtesy of Shadow Dance!

I was glad to be able to throw a South African track into this mix, as I was living in Cape Town, South Africa just before I put this together. Many of these records were actually bought in Amsterdam record stores on my way back to Europe from South Africa.

This mix was done live, entirely on vinyl, 2 Tech 1200s and a mixer!



1) Julien Chaptal – “Cocotte Minute (Featuring Carlos “Screaming” Valdes)” [Remote Area 2008]
2) Lauhaus – “Casamance” [AreaRemote 2008]
3) Norm Talley and Doc Link – “Sexy” [Third Ear Recordings 2008]
4) DJ Sneak – “Did It At The Disco” [Guesthouse Music 2008]
5) Julien Chaptal – “Luther’s Finest” [Remote Area 2008]
6) Quivver – “Surin” [BozBoz 2008]
7) Eva Be featuring Pegah Ferydoni – “She Walks Alone (Marcus Worgull Remix)” [Sonar Kollektiv 2008]
8) Paolo Mojo – “1983 (Eric Prydz Remix)” [Pryda Friends 2006]
9) DJ Mujava – “Township Funk” [White Label 2008]
10) Andy Page & Babs – “Oblivia Newton Bomb” [Thunk 2002]
11) Benjamin Theves – “Texas (Patrick Alavi Remix)” – [Roxour 2005]
12) Shadow Dance – “End Hit” [BoysNoize Records 2007]

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3 Responses to “DJ Ides – In Da House”

  1. dj paolo_ says:

    the begining is not very my style but i must say i really like the 2nd half especially the end of mix

  2. Felix says:

    Digging the funky tracks. Have a tip: PLEASE post the track times as I would love to know who I am listening to. Keep the music pumping through your veins and into my computer speakers!!!

  3. silvis says:

    very very very good, I’m listening every day.. super

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