DJ Ides – Vitamin (B)reaks Supplement Vol. 2

This mix is old (2007) but (imho) pretty good. This was actually done in an attempt to somewhat re-create a mix that I did while living in Manhattan as a supplement to a house mix I was distributing at the time. I was never completely satisfied with the original Vitamin (B)reaks Supplement (volume 1), yet friends were constantly hounding me to send them another copy of it. My answer? This mix… a deeper, darker and BETTER breaks mix, incorporating many of the same tracks as featured on the original but mixed with more technical precision.

ThisĀ  mix was done in Jersey City, NJ on two Tech 1200 turntablesĀ  and my Rane TTM-54i mixer, a few weeks before I moved to Eastern Europe. The mix is, as always, 100% live.

This mix hits deeper, harder, darker and faster than a pit viper striking a native on the ankle with a deadly blow. It starts with funky house and electroclash, but rapidly diverges into mind-bending myelin-destructive breakbeats. The continuous overlay between Transformer Man’s “Giant” and the incredibly ethereal “Inka,” by Beatman and Ludmilla is one of the best mixes I have ever recorded, almost, yet not quite, eclipsed by the transition between ASAP (Andy Page) “Firebird” and the dope-beyond-belief Scrambler production “Free,” coming out of Australia and also featured on the extremely awesome Phil K “Balance 004” compilation.

Enjoy it and, whatever you do, DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!!!



1) U&K – “Ignite” [Cuba Recordings]
2) Minoru – “Take It To The Fire” [Mad Skippers]
3) The Breakfastaz – “Mass Distraction (feat. Shahla)” [Cyberfunk Records]
4) Paradox 3000 – “Sound Of The Underground” [Punk Funk Records]
5) Care In The Community – “Thirteen Flip” [Mob Records]
6) Care In The Community vs. Databass – “New World Enemy Flip” [Freakaboom]
7) Care In The Community vs. Databass – “Gradient” [Freakaboom]
8a) Transformer Man – “Giant” [777 Records]
8b) Beatman & Ludmilla – “Inka” [Vinyl Addiction Breaks]
9) GT – “Lovesong (This Is Not A…) (Dark Alley’s Heavy Mental Breaks Mix)” [White]
10) ASAP – “Firebird” [Fire]
11) Scrambler – “Free” [EQ]
12) Phil K & Habersham – “Cloudbrake” [Audiotherapy]
13) 16 Bit Lolitas – “Non Verbal Language” [Hope]
14) Hybrid – “Burnin” [Distinct’ive Breaks]

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6 Responses to “DJ Ides – Vitamin (B)reaks Supplement Vol. 2”

  1. Romeo says:

    Excellent background for my creative work, thanks mate ;)

  2. dj paolo_ says:

    good mix, nice tracks and mixing technique is perfect :)

  3. Voidax says:

    All way a pleasure listening to the mixes innovative and imaginative

  4. Felix says:

    Awesome tunes!! Good way to unwind and perfect blend to chill to. The official soundtrack to life!!

  5. Pawlick says:

    Well… just downloaded the mix. It is great. But what amazes me the most that a guy from the NY likes breaks :) Still can’t get that :) Respect anyway!
    I especially liked 16 B Lolitas mixed in the end – that’s a great symbiosis of breaks and tribal/progressive house!

  6. Dash says:

    Awesome dooooooooood!

    Nice n long! just put it on and forget about skipping crap tracks for a while!

    Nice one bro! Keep the beat up!


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