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DJ Ides – ST Radio Live Ibiza

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Here is a radio mix that was done live on STRadio. Excuse the roughness of a few of the mixes. Almost all tracks used were brand new and had only been listened to once before. Hope ya like it! Will do a tracklist if anyone is interested.


DJ Ides – The Terrassa Mix

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Once again, the posting of this mix was severely delayed, due to an insane amount of international travel lately. Anyway, this mix actually sounds more appropriate to winter than fall.

This mix was inspired by my trip to Ibiza this August, especially by the Terrace at Space. I would like to think Mariano (from Barcelona) and Ivor (from South Africa) for making the Ibiza trip a truly banging time! We gotta do it again next year, FOR CERTAIN!!!

As usual, everything was mixed totally live from vinyl records and CD through a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer. A warning…. illicit substances (and/or an absolutely massive sound system) may be required to truly appreciate this mix :)

Greetings from the frozen north of Lithuania!!!!



1) Dexter – “Not The Only One” [Rush Hour]
2) Wattie Green – “Wattie’s Dream” [SpatulaCity]
3) Dexter – “Not The Only One (Vocal)” [Rush Hour]
4) Smacs & Patrick Kong – “Growers” [Estrela]
5) Joshua Iz – “Shiz” [Bananza]
6) Reboot – “Three Rows” [Raum…musik]
7) Pascal FEOS – Ibiza Destruction (???) White Label [White Label]
8a) Venegas, Leix & Ronro – “El Canto” [Fumakilla]
8b) Pascal FEOS – “Under The Golden Beat” [Level Non Zero]
8c) Gabriele Baldi – “All I Want” [Thirtyonetwenty]
9) Basement Freaks – “Balkanizacia (BadboE Reggaenizacia Mix)” [BBP Recordings]
10) ????? – “You’re The Fool (Slynk)” [Manmade]
11) DJP / Notorious BIG – “Juicy Way” [Bureau Records]


DJ Ides – Vitamin (B)reaks Supplement Vol. 2

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

This mix is old (2007) but (imho) pretty good. This was actually done in an attempt to somewhat re-create a mix that I did while living in Manhattan as a supplement to a house mix I was distributing at the time. I was never completely satisfied with the original Vitamin (B)reaks Supplement (volume 1), yet friends were constantly hounding me to send them another copy of it. My answer? This mix… a deeper, darker and BETTER breaks mix, incorporating many of the same tracks as featured on the original but mixed with more technical precision.

This  mix was done in Jersey City, NJ on two Tech 1200 turntables  and my Rane TTM-54i mixer, a few weeks before I moved to Eastern Europe. The mix is, as always, 100% live.

This mix hits deeper, harder, darker and faster than a pit viper striking a native on the ankle with a deadly blow. It starts with funky house and electroclash, but rapidly diverges into mind-bending myelin-destructive breakbeats. The continuous overlay between Transformer Man’s “Giant” and the incredibly ethereal “Inka,” by Beatman and Ludmilla is one of the best mixes I have ever recorded, almost, yet not quite, eclipsed by the transition between ASAP (Andy Page) “Firebird” and the dope-beyond-belief Scrambler production “Free,” coming out of Australia and also featured on the extremely awesome Phil K “Balance 004” compilation.

Enjoy it and, whatever you do, DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!!!



1) U&K – “Ignite” [Cuba Recordings]
2) Minoru – “Take It To The Fire” [Mad Skippers]
3) The Breakfastaz – “Mass Distraction (feat. Shahla)” [Cyberfunk Records]
4) Paradox 3000 – “Sound Of The Underground” [Punk Funk Records]
5) Care In The Community – “Thirteen Flip” [Mob Records]
6) Care In The Community vs. Databass – “New World Enemy Flip” [Freakaboom]
7) Care In The Community vs. Databass – “Gradient” [Freakaboom]
8a) Transformer Man – “Giant” [777 Records]
8b) Beatman & Ludmilla – “Inka” [Vinyl Addiction Breaks]
9) GT – “Lovesong (This Is Not A…) (Dark Alley’s Heavy Mental Breaks Mix)” [White]
10) ASAP – “Firebird” [Fire]
11) Scrambler – “Free” [EQ]
12) Phil K & Habersham – “Cloudbrake” [Audiotherapy]
13) 16 Bit Lolitas – “Non Verbal Language” [Hope]
14) Hybrid – “Burnin” [Distinct’ive Breaks]

DJ Ides – In Da House

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Another house mix I did last year. This one starts off more in the tech house direction, with deep rolling beats, and bleepy sounds. After blast off, the mix meanders through a bit of deep house and takes a dip in a pool of Latin flavor with DJ Sneak’s “Did It At The Disco.” Next, it’s back to tech house with an excellent track by Julien Chaptal (bought direct in Amsterdam) and into the progressive-tinged sounds of Quivver and Eva B, leading into the massive breakdown of Eric Prydz’ remix of Paolo Mojo’s “1983.” From here, the mix extends into filthy, chaotic electro and breaks with DJ Mujava’s “Township Funk” (direct from the townships of Pretoria, South Africa) and Andy Page’s wicked “Oblivia Newton Bomb”. The finale comes in the form of the absolutely scorching Alavi remix of Benajmin Theves “Texas”, and a bangin “End Hit” courtesy of Shadow Dance!

I was glad to be able to throw a South African track into this mix, as I was living in Cape Town, South Africa just before I put this together. Many of these records were actually bought in Amsterdam record stores on my way back to Europe from South Africa.

This mix was done live, entirely on vinyl, 2 Tech 1200s and a mixer!



1) Julien Chaptal – “Cocotte Minute (Featuring Carlos “Screaming” Valdes)” [Remote Area 2008]
2) Lauhaus – “Casamance” [AreaRemote 2008]
3) Norm Talley and Doc Link – “Sexy” [Third Ear Recordings 2008]
4) DJ Sneak – “Did It At The Disco” [Guesthouse Music 2008]
5) Julien Chaptal – “Luther’s Finest” [Remote Area 2008]
6) Quivver – “Surin” [BozBoz 2008]
7) Eva Be featuring Pegah Ferydoni – “She Walks Alone (Marcus Worgull Remix)” [Sonar Kollektiv 2008]
8) Paolo Mojo – “1983 (Eric Prydz Remix)” [Pryda Friends 2006]
9) DJ Mujava – “Township Funk” [White Label 2008]
10) Andy Page & Babs – “Oblivia Newton Bomb” [Thunk 2002]
11) Benjamin Theves – “Texas (Patrick Alavi Remix)” – [Roxour 2005]
12) Shadow Dance – “End Hit” [BoysNoize Records 2007]

DJ Ides – Funkdafied LIVE

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

This mix is straight up house… funky, bouncing and delicious! It starts off on a melancholy vibe, sounding like a rainy day, transgresses to breaks with a deep, brooding, and massive track by Fretwell, and then heads straight into a disco inferno, as Dealer’s Choice “Bomb(s) This Place”!  The mix gets funkier and funkier as the minutes tick onwards, taking you through dark alleys and hidden warehouses in Chicago with a selection of vinyls from Strictly Rhythm and Jackin Tracks, and into the deep house summertime disco insanity of Raul Rincon. Just when you feel the mix can’t possibly get any funkier, “Feel” by the Funk Masters is dropped, sending all listener’s to Disco Heaven! A classic, “Get Dynamite,” from Italy circa 1991 closes out the mix with a bang and Rasmus Farber’s “Where We Belong” eases the mix to a closing that is as chill as ice, yet as warm as the sweetest dreams.

As always, this mix was done completely live on two turntables and two CDJs! Lemme know what you think!!! Can it possibly get any funkier?



1) Third Floor Tiger – “Sub Rosa” [Urbantorque]
2) Hypnos – “Red Light” [Urbantorque]
3) Fretwell – “Dreams Attack” [Electrofly]
4) Dealer’s Choice – “Bomb This Place” [Urbantorque]
5) DJ Mujava – “Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)” [Hed Kandi]
6) Random Soul – “Prime For The Airwaves (Da Sunlounge Remix)” [Onethirty Recordings]
7) Eddie Leader – “Try To Remember” [Jackin Tracks]
8) Osunlade – “Momma’s Groove (Jimpster’s Hip Replacement Mix)” [Strictly Rhythm]
9) White Collar Criminals – “Wanting You (Frequent Fliers Remix)” [Jackin Tracks]
10) The Ian Carey Project – “Get Shaky (Funkability Remix)” [Gfab]
11) Coburn – “We Interrupt This Program (Raul Rincon Remix)” [Swings Records]
12) Brad Holland – “Crazy (Raul Rincon Remix)” [Gfab]
13) Funk Masters – “Feel” [White Label]
14) Freemasons Feat. Hazel Fernandes – “If (Freemasons 2009 Re-Rub)” [Legato]
15) Band In A Box – “Get Dynamite (Club Version)” [No Name Records]
16) Rasmus Farber – “Where We Belong (Original Mix)” [Farplane]

Summer 2009 Mix

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Here is a summer mix that I did a few months ago. The mix was done 100% live on two Technics 1200 turntables, 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000s, and a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer.

This mix is far more commercially oriented than anything I would usually do, but I think it fits a summery vibe quite well…. especially as I type this in the cold and dark beginnings of the Lithuanian winter!



1) Q-Force – “Polyphonic (Original Vintage Mix)” [Add2Basket Records]
2) Noir – “My MTV (Raul Rincon Remix)” [Housesession Records]
3) Memo Solinas – “Just As Long As We’re Together (Samuele Sartini Sunny Mix)” [Glitter]
4) Simon-F – “Sunset Blvd. (Beach Party Mix)” [Link Records]
5) Big WOrld – “Powder” [Lemans Recordings]
6) Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace – “Coracao” [Feel The Rhythm]
7) Veerus & Maxie Devine – “Fujiko (D.O.N.S. Remix)” [Nero Recordings]
8) Michael Simon & Jerry Ropero – “Ocean Drums (Mischa Daniels Higher Mode Remix)” [Nero Recordings]
9) Cevin Fisher Feat. Loleatta Holloway – “You Got Me Burning Up! (Prok & Fitch Remix)” [Strictly Rhythm]
10) Jonathon Ulysses – “Time (Peter Brown Remix)” [Big In Ibiza]
11) Coburn – “We Interrupt This Program (Jean Claude Ades Remix)” [Swings Records]
12) Julian The Angel – “Sweet Child Of Mine 2009” [Soleado Recordings]
13) The Attic – “Flash In The Night (Albin Meyers Remix)” [Jola Records]
14) Miles Dyson – “Outro” [Plasmapool]
15) Definite Grooves – “We Know Now” [Definite Groove Records]

Enjoy!!! I will add an FLAC download link if requested!